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Room Acoustics

We work with the room rather than against it, exploiting its positive effects while suppressing its negative ones.

We offer a complete service from design through to installation.

Most rooms are not ideal spaces for high quality reproduction of music. We offer tailor-made solutions from Artnovion to help you get the best out of your room. Our HiFi lounge has been fully treated with the Artnovion range to help you see and hear the difference that they can make to a space. We offer a free survey to find the problem areas of your room acoustics and work closely with a trusted installation company to ensure that treatments are carried out to the highest standard.

If you’ve ever thought that your room is responsible for excess bass or ring, you’re probably right and with Artnovion, room treatment can look more like an art installation and less like a studio.

And there’s more to improving the sound than room treatment. Don’t forget the benefits of supporting your equipment properly, both mechanically and electrically. We have the products and expertise to help here as well.


Brubeck in the bathroom, Santana in the Study and Led Zeppelin in the Living room, why not?


Like the idea of music throughout your home but just don’t know how to achieve it? Well we do!

Home Theatre

Experience films on a whole new level in your own home with a bespoke home cinema system. Recreate the silver screen experience without going out.

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