A3000 HV 2nd Hand Excellent Condition

£12,744.00 £9,499.00


Buy now, Pay later

Pay off in full within the 12 month deferral period and all interest will be waived.

An early settlement fee up to £29 will apply. Minimum spend £200.

Interest is calculated from the start on any amount remaining at the end of the deferral period.

Buy now, Pay later is also called Countdown Interest Bearing.




(1) Barely a year old, so about 2 years of the manufacturer’s warranty remaining.

(2) One extremely careful owner.

(3) Absolutely immaculate condition. The packaging is also in immaculate condition.

(4) Power output: 300W per channel @ 8Ω (RMS); 380W per channel @ 8Ω (peak). The power amplifier operates in class A for the first 50W.



T+A develops and manufactures a full range of audio systems that are designed to live up to the exacting demands of audiophiles. Established in 1978, T+A which stands for Theory and Application, is an audio company that has its routes firmly set in science. From compact Hi-Fi systems and top end music streamers to Hi-Fi separates and amplifiers, T+A cater to music lovers and audiophiles. T+A has always been focused on producing the best sound possible and has no interest in catering to the mass market.

Over the years T+A has become recognised as one of the leading producers of high end audio equipment and has won favour among audiophiles the world over. All products are extensively designed and developed in-house in Germany with no limit on cost or resources to achieve the perfect sounding systems. The results are exceptional products that are reliable, have a long lifespan and a wide range of retro fit options.

If you’re looking to invest in your home audio system then T+A will offer not only a sound investment but a great sounding system that will offer years of high performance. View our selection of T+A separates below or get in touch with our team on 01865 790 879 for more information.

A3000 HV 2nd Hand Excellent Condition

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A3000 HV 2nd Hand Excellent Condition

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A3000 HV 2nd Hand Excellent Condition

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