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Lateral Audio

LAS-CC Controlled Contact Isolators


LAS-CC can bring an enlightening musical experience.


Buy now, Pay later

Pay off in full within the 6, 9, 12 month deferral period and all interest will be waived.

An early settlement fee up to £29 will apply. Minimum spend £200.

Interest is calculated from the start on any amount remaining at the end of the deferral period.

Buy now, Pay later is also called Countdown Interest Bearing.



LAS-CC can bring an enlightening musical experience.
Placed directly to the underside of the audio component LAS-CC provides an absolute support and vastly reduces the vibrational feedback received by the audio component.

Primary source components, transports, dacs, pre-amps show significant benefits and unrealised capabilities.
Improving the source signal is their primary use.

Fully integrated amplfiers which contain digital sections become crucial to the source signal and equally show significant benefits, unveiling performance capabilites…

Achieved using a number of engineering design, material and motion principles, continued from the research and development of the LAS-4 series audio stands.
Dimensions: 32mm height , 38mm diameter
Supplied in sets of 3 or 4 – weight capacity 60 Kg and 80 Kg respectively

LAS-CF Contact Floor
A high performance audio foot, please refer to LAS-Amp XM series
Available for audio stands and large high end speakers with an M8 thread,


Lateral Audio

Compelled to seek beautiful audio, Lateral audio stands was founded to create audio stands that can redefine audio components and systems.

Designed to maximise the removal of energy, whilst also minimising the energy created by itself,
these are the principles that reduce the mulitplication of frequencies entering the audio components of your system.

Source, all in one players, amplification components are all very sensitive and show considerable improvements when placed on an excellent structure and surface. Imagine a complete system where vibration enters into esoteric cables and connections which are then ultimately degraded by the sound which they are playing.

LAS-CC Controlled Contact Isolators

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LAS-CC Controlled Contact Isolators

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LAS-CC Controlled Contact Isolators

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