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Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link
Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link

Transparent Cables

Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link

1 m cable. Smaller and more flexible than Reference Digital Link, Transparent Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link provides amazingly precise and dependable digital transmission.

Brand: Transparent Cables
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1 m cable. Smaller and more flexible than Reference Digital Link, Transparent Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link provides amazingly precise and dependable digital transmission.

  • Standard termination: RCA > RCA
  • Optional termination: BNC > BNC
  • Lengths: .5 meter, 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet
  • Custom lengths always available.
  • Adaptors: Female RCA > Male BNC, Female BNC > Male RCA, 75 Ohm > 110 Ohm Digital Audio Impedance Transformer (BNC > XLR)

It shares many technical features with Reference Digital Link including Teflon dielectric, OFHC solid center conductor, and custom RCAs or scientific grade BNCs with gold contacts. Long regarded as an industry standard for its superior performance and robust construction, Transparent Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link now reaches an even higher level with the Advanced Expanded Foam Technology originally developed for Transparent's new Reference II digital cables. Combined with a larger center conductor, the new Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link sets a whole new level of performance in the Premium category.

Heavy, polished, solid core OFHC center conductor.
Super quiet Advanced Expanded Foam Technology ensures superior stability of characteristic S/PDIF impedance.
Two high coverage OFHC braided shields separated by a Mylar coated foil shield keep noise out.
Coaxial RCAs that make 360-degree contact with the inner shield maintain the impedance of the cable at the termination point, thereby reducing jitter.
Custom RCAs are standard. Scientific grade BNCs also available.

Transparent Cables

If you're looking for some of the best audio cables that money can buy then Transparent Audio is the brand for you. Not only are they the choice of music enthusiasts all over the world, but they’re also used as internal cables by top AV companies everywhere. Founded in 1980 by Jack and Karen Sumner and Carl Smith, Transparent Audio is known for producing top end audio cables that are handcrafted by a dedicated team of designers, engineers and technicians. Their range covers interconnects, speaker cables, digital cables, video cables, power conditioning, and power cords for music lovers, audiophiles, home theatre enthusiasts, and music and film studio professionals.

Transparent Audio is constantly evolving its range of products to make them better with each generation as well as creating new and innovative products for modern audio applications. As any audiophile will tell you, a good set of cables will help you get closer to the music and the original sound, and Transparent's range of cables are among the best in the world.

View our collection of Transparent cables below and get in touch with our team today on 01865 790 879 for details about pricing. All cables are custom made to your specific requirements based on the components in your system.