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1st July 2016 -

Devialet Announce new top of the range Expert 1000 Pro

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Expert 1000 PRO - the 1st product in Expert Line V6

5 new patents are gained for V6 platform

Revolution ADH hybrid circuit sensor in Class A (controlling Class D current amp) has improved from 8bits to 10bits (jump from 256 levels to 1024 levels).  Each element of the ADH core have been carefully rethought in order to design the new version of the ADH Intelligence which provides significant performance improvements at all power levels.

New Class A amp.  The design of the Class A has been simplified : the signal crosses two silicon junctions less for reducing the THD. In addition, zero current goes through the Class A in standby mode for reducing the power consumption of the system.

New Class D amp.  Enhanced with the new Class D introduced exclusively on the Original d’Atelier, the 1000 Pro is capable of transmitting more power, without any size variation.

New Magic Wire DAC.  The pure performance in digital – analog conversion sets a new world record with a THD improved by more than 6dB.

New Power Supply.  Power Supply is improved from 2800W to 4000W of peak power and decoupling from mains network by 15dB.  In addition to improving the local decoupling from the mains network, load transients are handled 2x faster and their restituion on all frequencies reaches new heights for the ultimate listening experience.

New Thermal management - In order to provide 1000W output the 1000 Pro drains heat twice as fast thanks to a surface of heat exchanges multiplied by a 2.5 factor and a new 2.5kg bottom plate made of 100% pure copper.

First time officially announced that Expert 1000 PRO is ready for Devialet OS. The new OS streaming (DLNA/uPNP, Bluetooth, PLC, AirPlay and MORE), Phantom integration, will be available in 2017 with a free hardware upgrade.