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18th December 2014 -

Aurender X100 Reference Music Server on dem

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High Fidelity Magazine Review


The Aurender is a joy to use. My attitude to computer audio is rather negative, because of its unpredictability and the need for continuous fixes and upgrades. If I were to play the audio files in my system, I would like to use a file player that is as stable as a CD player. The Aurender perfectly meets this requirement. It is small, perfectly designed and built and it offers the kind of sound that should appeal to a large group of music lovers, regardless of how much they want to spend on this type of component. I will go even further to say that the sonic structure it offers is close to my vision of the sound of high-end system components. It is soft, yet not softened; dynamic and palpable. On top of this, there is the outstanding user interface. All that remains is to choose a matching high-end DAC. If digital music players continue to follow that path, I will soon have to look around for something like that.

The X100L is outstanding.

Soundstage Ultra Review


The Aurender X100L is a welcome product, and I’m glad to say that all of my initial concerns about compromises of quality in a less-expensive model than the S10 were unfounded. More important, my high hopes were met and then some. The Aurender Conductor app makes browsing music files a snap -- I saw several attractive ways I could use the app for my music library, were the Aurender to become a permanent part of my system. I think most people will be able to adapt to the Conductor quite easily. Most important, the sound of my system improved. If you want to be able to hear deeper into a whistle, a whisper, a solo acoustic guitar, or a cymbal’s shimmer, the Aurender X100L might be exactly the right product for you.

If you’ve wanted an Aurender S10, but were put off by its price and don’t need its myriad connection options, then I see nothing that should hold you back from the X100L.

It’s a killer little product.