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Musical Fidelity


Grab a great ex demo deal on this Musical Fidelity M3si. It comes in secure original packaging with a UK mains lead, remote control and manual. We are happy to demo this in store to offer free ...

Brand: Musical Fidelity
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R.R.P: £1,209.00


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Grab a great ex demo deal on this Musical Fidelity M3si. It comes in secure original packaging with a UK mains lead, remote control and manual. We are happy to demo this in store to offer free shipping to any UK mainland address. This unit does have some scuffs to the casework and all the marks have been included in the provided images.


  • Power output: 85 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms
  • THD(+ noise): <0.014 % typical, 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >98dB ‘A’-weighted
  • Frequency Response: +0, –0.1dB, 10Hz to 20 kHz


  • 4x Line Level RCA / Phono
  • USB - Type “B” socket up to and inc. 24 bit 96kHz USB audio stream
  • 1x MM Phono input

Phono Input

  • Sensitivity (nominal): 3mV (suitable for cartridges giving 1.5mV or more including high output MC types)
  • Signal / noise ratio: >70dB ‘A’-weighted
  • Input impedance: 50k Ohms
  • Frequency response: RIAA/IEC ±1dB, 20Hz to 20 kHz


  • Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 440 x 100 x 400
  • Weight (unpacked / packed): 9.2 kg/ 13 kg

The M3si offers a real taste high-end sound quality. Because its power has increased significantly and it now has more than double the capacitance, it gives wide, stable and deep stereo images with a substantial dynamic range. More than that, the M3si offers a sweet musical sound with an effortless, clear, ungrainy quality. Because of the virtual mono power amp configuration with increased capacitance, the bottom end is delivered with punch and excellent speed of attack.

The M3si offers high quality sound with an extensive range of useful inputs in a compact package with reliability and a fair price.

M3si - Design and Build:

The M3si uses Musical Fidelity’s exclusive SMD layout techniques. This reduced the circuit’s footprint on the large PCB and gave us greatly increased flexibility with the layout and the ability to add more inputs and, importantly, power amp power supply capacitance. Now there is a pair of big power supply capacitors for each channel. Power is a generous 90 wpc.

The new M3si now delivers a healthy 90 wpc. Distortion at 1 kHz is very low at 0.007%. Even at 10 kHz it is hovering around 0.01%. Most hi-fi amplifiers have a huge increase of distortion with rising frequency. To us this shows that the whole circuit design/layout concept is not good enough. The M3si’s very low HF distortion proves that the layout circuit and circuit design are operating in perfect harmony so that there is low distortion at HF. We believe this validates the performance and integrity of the whole design.

Signal noise ratio has been improved by more than 3dB. This is a significant step which allows more music to be heard with a greater dynamic range.

Channel separation is excellent.

The MM phono stage is high performance. It has very accurate RIAA equalisation, within ± 0.5dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The accuracy is maintained out to 50 kHz. Noise ratio is an outstanding 88dB down. Distortion is less than 0.3%. The M3si’s phono stage offers potential of great MM performance.

The 24 bit 96 kHz asynchronous USB input uses exactly the same circuitry and technology as our highly regarded V-Links and other top quality computer interfaces. Jitter is virtually eliminated. Noise is incredibly low and distortion virtually non-existent. The M3si’s USB input is capable of dredging the finest details from the computer source.

Musical Fidelity

If you’re looking for one of the most respected British Hi-Fi brands then look no further than Musical Fidelity. For over 30 years they have been making world class high-end audio components that offer great value for money with exceptional build quality and a natural, accurate sound. Their range covers streaming, vinyl, CD, DACs and amplification all housed within beautiful designs that will look great in any Hi-Fi system.

As their name suggests the brand is focused on audio performance, delivering an accurate and natural sound that is as close as possible to the original recording. This award winning British brand represents wonderful value for money and Hi-Fi separates that are praised the world over. Whatever type of music you enjoy, you’ll find a Musical Fidelity product to match your audio format; all powered by their state of the art amplifiers.

Musical Fidelity is driven by a passion for wonderful music and approaches each design by looking at the best possible solution and embracing new technology. Check out their range of great sounding products below or get in touch with us today for more information.