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Home Cinema

It’s just like you’re really there.

See your favourite films & TV on a big screen with stunning realism. Feel every explosion and hear every subtle background noise in unbelievable HD surround sound. You’ll feel wind howling through your living room, the ice crack beneath your feet and every footstep behind you.

We are happy to arrange site visits, surveys and bespoke quotations for most domestic applications.

What’s in a home cinema system?

1. Images A Screen to display the images - either a TV or Projector based system

2. Audio Multiple Speakers for audio, including a subwoofer for bass sound Source. An AV amplifier to reproduce digital surround sound.

3. Source Blu-ray, DVD or Streaming player for films; Satellite, Cable or Freeview source for TV or Internet

4.Control A control system - whether a single remote control or a whole house control system, an iPad, touch wall panels, PC or Smart phone An Oxford Audio Consultants Home Cinema System can range from the invisible to the dramatic, from the modest to the magnificent. But no matter what you choose you can be sure of something that is beautiful for both the eye and the ear!

1. Images

Flat, thin & stunning design ... the future! When it comes to your home cinema screen, there are three main choices: A Flatscreen - an LED/LCD or Plasma TV Commonly available up to 65" and ideal for everyday use such as movies, gaming and general TV viewing. HD and Full HD screens offer fantastic picture quality with rich colours and stunning detail. Screens can be either wall mounted or freestanding on an AV cabinet or floor stand.

A drop-down Screen and Projector For a larger screen size & the full cinema experience nothing beats a projector system. The screen can be designed to drop down when in use, then discretely hide away when you're done. This flexibility make it suitable for installations where your cinema room is also the living room. You can even have a flatscreen TV for general use hung on the wall, then at the touch of a button a 10ft projector screen could roll down in front for watching movies or the ultimate gaming experience.

A fixed Screen and Projector If you plan on giving your home cinema it's own dedicated room then a fixed screen may be the best option. For the ultimate cinematic experience a dedicated, acoustically transparent, fixed screen allows for the front speakers to be installed behind the screen, just like a commercial cinema.

2. Audio

Crystal clear surround sound ... feel like you're really there! For audio here are your main choices:

All in one home cinema systems Fine for a small room or second room and those not too demanding on system performance. An all in one system usually combines a dvd/blu-ray player integrated with an amplifier & satellite or tall-boy speakers. Some systems lack connectivity options which can restrict their use.

Separate Home Cinema Amplifier and Speakers For much better performance and connectivity it is best to use a separate AV amplifier with a 5.1 (or more) surround sound speaker set. This allows for a superior choice of speaker options and high quality audio from a dedicated home cinema amplifier.

Speaker Options: Satellite speakers - These are discrete, small speakers that are very effective for home cinema applications. Usually suited to smaller rooms. Bookshelf speakers - Full range speakers that provide great sound for both movie and music applications. Their compact size makes them ideal for small to medium size rooms. Floorstand speakers - Traditional floorstanding speakers continue to offer great results in a variety of applications. Ideal for front cinema speakers in larger rooms and also available in a huge range of modern designs. In-Ceiling/Wall speakers - These are the modern solution to discrete audio systems. Used in both multi-room applications and for surround sound speakers. Wall mounted/Picture speakers - High quality audio from a speaker that looks every bit as good as it sounds.

Home Cinema Amplifiers: Whether it's a simple 2 channel or 5.1 system, or a full 11.2 channel or THX system we have amplifiers, processor & active amplification to suit. Modern electronics also offer a wealth of advanced features from picture quality improvement to multiroom outputs and signal switching.

3. Source

The heart of your home cinema. Source electronics depend on your intended uses for your home cinema so consider all the options.

Blu-ray (& DVD) Player - Essential equipment for playback of your film library on disc.

Media Streaming Player - The digital way to use, store and playback your film and media library.

Game system - A home cinema system offers the ultimate experience in home gaming.

TV Tuner - A satellite, cable or freeview HD digital TV tuner/recorder gives you all your favourite channels plus a whole lot more internet connectivity.

4. Control

Key to the day to day use of your cinema Control panels and Remote Controls A modern home cinema can integrate a large number of components. Controlling all this equipment means a number of remote controls making the simplest of tasks messy & complicated.

We offer a range of programmable remote controls, touchscreen wall panels, iPad/PC & internet control with our installations. From simple remote control of a Cinema system to Whole House automation incorporating security, heating, etc. Programmed specifically for your system you can carry out multiple tasks and control several components with just one push of a button or even use your control panel to view your media library or watch an IP camera overlooking the front of your house.

No equipment need be on view & all electronics can be totally concealed. Top quality AV furniture marries world class design with innovative features & luxurious finishes and goes hand-in-hand with top quality equipment to maximise your cinema experience as well as the performance. We can demonstrate a wide range of equipment in one of our 3 demonstration lounges where you will be able to experience some of the best projector, & Loewe TV based systems.

As well as wireless, internet & digital streamed music & movies. Our installations range from the invisible to the dramatic, from the modest to the magnificent - but no matter what you choose you can be sure of something that is beautiful for both the eye and the ear! Including digitally streamed & wireless music for every room including outdoor speakers for your garden or pool.

We are happy to arrange site visits, surveys and bespoke quotations for most domestic applications.