So, you probably noticed the conspicuous absence of a post last week. I must apologise, we were a little busy getting ready for this latest lockdown and had an arm’s length of tasks to finish before the dreaded deadline! Now that the lockdown is upon us, we can assure you that your trusty HiFi dealer is still here, open and ready to serve your every whim and fancy (within reason).

Having just said that we are open, I must explain the caveat to this point. Like Schroedinger’s Cat, we are simultaneously open and closed. Whilst we cannot welcome you inside of the store, we are manning the phones and emails, can deliver items to your door and can offer a click and collect service to those masochistic souls who would prefer to travel into Oxford. If you call the store or make a purchase on the website, please let us know if you would rather collect and give us an idea of when to expect you. Honestly we will cherish being able to see you and wave at you from behind our glass door!

We have a few updates for those of you hoping for news, heaven forbid! We’ve had several new items join us over the past few weeks and I will enjoy sharing my thoughts on these in the coming weeks. To whet your appetite on what to expect, we have taken delivery of SME’s new Model 6 which has been running in upstairs alongside a brand new Rega Aethos phono amplifier. We also have just received our new pair of Franco Serblin Accordo Essence floorstanders which are being selflessly broken in by Jon, Chez Harker.

Before next week’s now traditional product spotlight update, I would like to let you know that we are using the time whilst the doors are closed to take better photgraphs of our clearance items and to get some more of our ex-demonstration items listed. We have a list of amazing equipment from the likes of Krell, Chord and Audio Research that we will be shooting and listing in the coming days; so keep your peepers peeled and remember to check our Used and Ex-Demo section.

Stay safe!