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BuyNowPayLater 0% APR Finance Scheme

FREE Offer  

Spread the price of your purchase at no cost to you

Buy now – Pay later 

Completely flexible – you are in control

What you get

• No interest – 0% APR

• Deposit optional

• Term:  Your choice of 6, 10 or 12 months.

What you pay

• Admin fee of £29 at end of the period when you pay off the financed amount.  (For purchases over £3000 Oxford Audio will pay deduct the cost of the fee from the total purchase price).

Simple to apply

• It’s very easy to apply;  it typically takes 10 minutes to complete the online application. 

During the deferred period you can: 

1. Pay nothing with NO INTEREST to pay and then pay the amount borrowed plus admin fee in one lump sum before the end of the deferred period.

2. Pay any amount you like, as little or as often as you like during the deferred period by either Debit Card or Cheque. (As long as you ensure the amount financed and the admin fee are paid off in full before the end of the period then again there will be NO INTEREST).

3. Set up a Standing Order with your bank to pay off regular fixed amounts.  (As long as you ensure the amount financed and the admin fee are paid off in full before the end of the period then again there will be NO INTEREST).

4. Pay nothing at all or pay part of the amount. (Should a balance remain at the expiry of the deferred period, you will have to pay interest on the remaining balance during the secondary repayment period). 

The repayment will be collected in a maximum of 48 monthly instalments. You may repay the loan earlier.  You will receive a letter one month before the end of the period reminding you of the amount that remains and that your interest free period is coming to an end. However it’s best not to rely totally on this in case of postal problems etc. 

So whether you’re looking for a stereo, streamer, speakers, headphones, etc we can help.


Please note:

The BuyNowPayLater Scheme is primarily designed for full payment before the end of the Initial 6, 10 or 12 month deferred period. However there is the extra flexibility of not paying in full - this is detailed in the Contract.

The Contract states:

* If you don’t pay off the loan before the end of the initial deferred period then interest will be charged backdated to the start of the initial period.

* The amount of the monthly payment for the secondary period of 48 months is stated on the assumption that nothing was paid before the end of the initial 12 month deferred period. It is therefore the maximum possible payment liability.

* It is a 59 month agreement @ 29.8% per year. 48 payments must be made starting after the initial deferred 12 months. You have the option of full repayment + £29 fee before the end of the 12 month initial period. In which case there is no interest to pay.

* You have the right to pay some or all of the loan off as long as you give notice. Any rebate to which you are entitled will then be worked out & the balance of the early repayment & any rebate will be applied to reduce the Final Payment & then reduce the term of the agreement.