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5th December 2019

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OUR free MUSIC CLUB celebrating Beatles 50th anniversary of Abbey Road LP.

6.30 for 7pm start.  Ends 8pm ish.

 A relaxed and informal evening - everyone is welcome.

 Do join us for a fun event - and bring your friends.  Refreshments - tea, coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks - will be provided. We'd love to see you!

 The Beatles Return To ‘Abbey Road’ for 50th Anniversary Editions.  

The album has been newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell.

We will play the whole of this new vinyl LP - so whether you have never heard it or you last listened to it a long while ago - you're in for a treat.

Abbey Road is the 11th studio album by the Beatles, released on 26 September 1969.  The recording sessions were the last in which all four Beatles participated and we'll play it on a great hi-fi system.

Incredible to think that in their short 7-year career the Beatles released 12 albums, 13 EPs, 22 singles, and 2 feature films!

The bulk of the Abbey Road was recorded in only 4 weeks.  Paul McCartney had suggested to long-time producer, George Martin, that the group get together and make an album "the way we used to do it", free of the conflict that had begun during sessions for the previous "White Album" and the fraught "Let it Be" sessions. Martin agreed, but on the strict condition that all the group allow him to produce the record in the same manner as earlier albums and that discipline would be adhered to.  McCartney, Starr and Martin have reported positive recollections of the sessions, while George Harrison said, "we did actually perform like musicians again".

The new edition of Abbey Road, which marks the first time the album has been remixed, follows the hugely acclaimed and successful 50th anniversary editions of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 2017 and The BEATLES (‘The White Album’) in 2018.

Martin and Okell worked on the new Abbey Road mixes with Abbey Road’s expert team of engineers and audio restoration specialists. All of the editions feature the new stereo album mix, sourced from the original eight-track session tapes. Giles Martin used the original stereo mix by his father George Martin as his guide.

Says Giles Martin in his written introduction: “The magic comes from the hands playing the instruments, the blend of The Beatles’ voices, the beauty of the arrangements. Our quest is simply to ensure everything sounds as fresh and hits you as hard as it would have on the day it was recorded.”

Many critics have since cited Abbey Road as the Beatles' greatest album. In a retrospective review, Nicole Pensiero of PopMatters called it "an amazingly cohesive piece of music, innovative and timeless". Mark Kemp of Paste viewed the album as being "among The Beatles' finest works". Neil McCormack of The Daily Telegraph dubbed it the Beatles' "last love letter to the world" and praised its "big, modern sound", calling it "lush, rich, smooth, epic, emotional and utterly gorgeous". AllMusic's Richie Unterberger felt that the album shared Sgt. Pepper's "faux-conceptual forms", but had "stronger compositions", and wrote of its high standing in the band's catalogue: "Whether Abbey Road is the Beatles' best work or not, it's certainly the most immaculately produced and most tightly constructed, particularly the sound of Starr's bass drum."