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3rd February 2018

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New Chord Sarum T cables with Taylon® insulation technology

Take some time out to enjoy the new Chord Company Sarum T cable range – the latest evolutionary stage of the multi-award winning Sarum range, now featuring our unique Taylon® insulation.

Expert staff from The Chord Company and OXFORD AUDIO will demonstrate the dramatic improvements that these cables can bring. They will also be happy to advise on getting the very best sound from your own system and the maximum pleasure from your record collection.

Demonstrations will focus on the performance upgrade from Sarum to Sarum T and ChordMusic, but can also include elements of the full Chord Company range, if requested.

Sarum T

Chord Company updates established Sarum line with exclusive Taylon® insulation

Chord’s original Sarum cables represented the company’s flagship (until the arrival of ChordMusic) as well as marking the introduction of the unique ARAY technology. Now, with the introduction of the exclusive Taylon ® insulated conductors first seen and heard in the ChordMusic cables, Sarum becomes Sarum T, delivering a massive advance in musical performance.

Unique Technology – Unique Terminations – Sounds Unique

  • Taylon® dielectric – technically and musically superior to Teflon™
  • SuperARAY mechanically tuning technology
  • Proprietary low mass/minimum metal connectors
  • Hand built construction
  • Sarum T – revolutionary Taylon® technology rewrites high-end cable performance and value.

Why Taylon® betters Teflon®

Teflon® (PTFE) is widely used in the audio industry due to its superior dielectric constant but is not without its own sonic and mechanical
signature. At moderate price levels the benefits outweigh the flaws, especially if you are careful how you employ it, but when it comes to designing the best possible cables, it’s a major limiting factor.  It's such an issue that many flagship designs expend huge amounts of effort (and often, equally huge amounts of their customers’ money) on minimising its influence by any means possible. Chord has taken a different route, eliminating it altogether!

Two-years ago, Chord discovered Taylon®, a new, high-technology alternative to PTFE. Developed specifically for super critical, cost-no-object, precision guided weapons systems, Taylon® eliminates the temperature related phase instability and mechanical variation that mars the sonic and musical performance of PTFE. That led to the introduction of the ChordMusic, a new flagship range whose remarkably natural, musically communicative and expressive performance challenged the best and most expensive cables available.

Sarum T – making Taylon® performance more affordable

Combining Taylon® insulated conductors, a refined geometry and our most advanced Super ARAY technology, Sarum T offers a huge leap forward in musical performance. It offers the same natural sense of rhythm, pace, musical energy and presence that defines ChordMusic, but in a simplified design that costs considerably less, seriously raising the price/performance bar. 

Best of all, owners of original Sarum digital, interconnect and power cables can have them rebuilt to full Sarum T specification, for around 40% of the cost of the new cables, maintaining the value and dramatically improving the performance of their existing investment. Please contact OXFORD AUDIO for details.

• Analogue interconnects from £2100.00
• Digital interconnects from £2100.00
• Speaker cable from £1800.00 (1.5m pair)
• Power cable from £1900.00

Sarum T Making Music Live 

Chord Company 
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