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12th November 2016

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Revolutionary HiFi Day. Managing Energy Transfer, Lowering Noise Floor, Streaming & more

Hear for yourself and decide.

A range of products designed to improve the sound of your Hi-Fi.

Work brilliantly with Devialet.

Entreq - Energy Transforming Equipment

Stillpoints - Heighten system resolution with a more natural presentation

Melco - No-compromise digital music source component for streaming - without PC peripherals

T+A - An investment in German technology for your musical future


We are all unique individuals with differing tastes, who have different criteria when judging musical value. Therefore there are no “this is the best” or “ this fits all” products. As a manufacturer we can simply offer you good products, from sound choices, built on a foundation of knowledge and experience while offering a degree of personal flexibility and tuning.

From our full range of Ground Box's to the Apollo and now our new complete Atlantis line, we feel we have taken sound reproduction to a level that words cannot describe. The only way to understand how natural a system can sound with these products is to try them for yourself.

That which can be measured is not so important, and that which is important cannot be measured

There is quite a lot of truth in that sentence, even if it is not completely correct.
We at Entreq trust more what we hear and experience than what the gauges tell us. If this sounds better than anything else, then it is. It is that simple, even if you perhaps cannot explain it scientifically with measurements. 

We remember back in 70, when all should be measure in lab. At that time it was DIN  45 500 that tell us everything. It was DIN Watt, IM dist, HM dist etc,etc.If it not measure good enough, it been solved with negative feedback and all good .
Many times the stuff sounds crazy awful, but since the measurement was so good, it must be good.

It was a sensation when Matti Otaala from Uleaborg university explain why some amps that only give 20 W by Din 45500 sound so much more powerfull than amps that give 200w by same norm.
What we mean is that we sometimes dont know what to meassure and what make sence. 

So we intend to continue as we began. You can rely on us and on what our test listeners experience. If we can then calculate the reasons as to what and why, so much the better, but that is actually far less important.  It is important that we have a product that you as a customer also find improves your sound reproduction.


Stillpoints heighten transparency, speed of transients, air, space, and dynamics, to name only a few attributes, to aid in the most natural presentation. Stillpoints provide isolation and control of destructive vibrational energy by means of a four-tier filter, substantially improving the sonic and musical qualities of your audio system.

"...in the context of a high-end system they provide a huge sonic return on the investment." Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, December 2011

"Stillpoints Ultras are better than good. They have perfected the mysterious art of adding to musical pleasure and sonic enchantment by subtracting unwanted, deleterious nonmusical intrusions." Jim Merod, Positive Feedback, March 2012

Spring 2012 brought a comprehensively strengthened range of products by Paul Wakeen and his Stillpoints team. The release of the Ultra SS (Stainless Steel) last year met overwhelming praise and approval from audiophiles and press alike, prompting a reassessment of the Stillpoints pecking order.

Although the original 'volcano-shaped' Stillpoint was already a memory, the surprise was by how far the Ultra SS outperformed the Ultra Aluminium (identical apart from body material) and the more expensive Component Stand. Aware that Stillpoints has built its reputation on being the best solution for equipment support and isolation, Paul removed these unnecessary items from the range, and developed the Ultra Mini and the Ultra 5 - both using entirely Stainless Steel bodies, but with differing amounts of Stillpoints technology to meet different applications and budgets.

Ultra SS and Ultra 5 can be used underneath equipment (on a shelf or the floor) or underneath any loudspeakers, where they are ideally used with threaded adaptors as spike replacements. The Ultra 5 has 5 times the Stillpoints technology in a single package.  Ultra Mini is primarily designed for use under equipment on a shelf, but can be used under small loudspeakers.

The ultimate expression of the Stillpoints art is the ESS rack. Contained with this aesthetic beauty is engineering which sonically improves any system used with it, aided by six pockets of Stillpoints technology built into the support bars of each shelf.

The secret to Stillpoints design is in many fine details, but a key distinction is the way the four-tier filter prevents a direct energy path through the device. This isolation is in contrast with other support devices (such as spikes, cones and balls ), and the success of this approach is instantly audible.

Recent press awards for the Ultra SS include a '2011 Product of the Year' and '2012 Editor's Choice' and 'Golden Ear' awards from The Absolute Sound.


We are proud to present Melco and its N1 series of products – the worlds first true Audiophile grade source component to access, store and deliver High-Res digital music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals. At any stage. this is Pure and Simple; even set-up is really easy. The Melco N1 is both a music store and UPnP server for Ethernet connected streaming solutions, a Direct Music download engine and is also an extraordinary source for a USB dac. Sound quality is unsurpassed! We are not suggesting you have been listening to The Beatle, Brahm or Taylor Slow before, but with the Melco nothing is missing, because there is nothing to take it away. There is even no need for a PC in order to setup or manage this system and not a single intervening switch or ‘IT’ component to come between you and your music.

Until now the only way of distributing, storing and listening to even the highest resolution digital music has, at some stage, involved computers or computer-like devices – equipment designed to handle far more than music, so it has never been solely dedicated to sonic excellence. Even when players have been designed by “Audio Specialists”, old thinking and “IT” connectivity has impaired audio performance.

All that has just changed.

Melco History

Melco, (Maki Electronic Laboratory Company), was established in Japan in 1975 by Makoto Maki, a passionate audiophile determined to create the finest, high-end components. His undoubted masterpiece was the groundbreaking modular Melco turntable that set new standards in music reproduction. From those early beginnings Melco became the largest computer peripherals manufacturer, Buffalo, offering technically advanced products based on rigorous R&D. These included Wireless routers, Ethernet Data Switches and storage devices.

Mr Maki personally initiated the current Melco Audiophile NAS project having identified serious shortcomings in the conventional IT industry solutions being used for hi-res audio at the highest level.


T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology. That means T+A devise, create and fine-tune Hi-Fi components of the highest quality, with the aim of developing fully mature High-End products for customers all over the world. They have been based in Herford, Eastern Westphalia since 1978, this site has been the hub for all of their development and practical work . The design briefs for their products have no restrictions, with no expense or effort ever being too great in the endeavour to achieve sonic perfection. The typical characteristics of their product lines speak for themselves: extremely long product cycles, extended useful life, and comprehensive retro-fit facilities, making a T+A system more than just a music system - it's an investment for the future.

T + A produce products that both you & they can be truly proud of. Their team of experts consist of physicists, engineers and pure technologists - they consider, design and build genuine acoustic treasures for you the customer. They have no interest in the mass market, as their sole purpose is to satisfy the most stringent of requirements. This approach is the only way, they believe, that they can achieve the ambitious goals that they set themselves. All the important and critical components are designed and created in-house and every product line hand assembled and manufactured in Germany. In countless international reviews the products - from the classic valve amplifier to the ultra-modern network player - have proved themselves to be amongst the best in the world.

Entreq  Stillpoints 
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