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1st December 2018

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T+A New Product Launch

the German Naim and 

a major player in the rest of Europe

Be one of the few in the UK

Hear the new T+A M40 HV Anniversary Edition dual mono power amps - 1000 watts per channel.

In 2018 T+A celebrates its 40th birthday. 
Ample justification to develop a very special product which reflects 40 years experience; a device that is only built in the 40th anniversary year. The aim in developing the M 40 HV was not simply to build yet another “giant power amplifier” capable of generating as much power as possible. Of course, power is important, and the M 40 HV can supply it in abundance, but musicality, naturalness and uncoloured reproduction have top priority.

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Plus listen to the superb value R Series from £3,689

All-in-ones, Amplifiers, Streamers, CD/SACD players & a Turntable

g2000 silber slider r serie 2
mp2500 slider r serie 2

Expert staff from T+A and OXFORD AUDIO will demonstrate a range of systems. They will also be happy to advise on getting the very best sound from your own hi-fi and the maximum pleasure from your music collection.

T + A

Actually we’re scientists …

… because T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology.


PA 2000 R - PA 2500 R


Building neat compact integrated amplifiers, offering high output power and superb sound quality is an art at which T+A has no peer. As proof of this claim we present the PA 2000 R integrated amplifier. It is incredibly dynamic, powerful and incisive. There are two reasons behind these characteristics: the extremely linear output stages with very low negative feedback, which are a completely new development, and the new form of mains power supply employed.

Twice as tall, higher output power and even more connection facilities – the PA 2500 R exceeds the specification of the PA 2000 R in many areas but its character , in terms of sound quality, is in no way inferior to its smaller sibling. The reason we say this is that often, in the quest for more power, the subtle musical nuance that makes music so alluring, can be so easily lost.

mp2500 slider r serie 2

MP 2000 R - MP2500R


The MP 2000 R and MP2500R are genuine musical multi-talents. At first glance the casual observer may think an MP is just a classic CD player, but its true capabilities extend far beyond this. At its heart lies one of the world’s latest and most sophisticated digital – analogue converters (DAC). This converts PCM signals up to 384 kSps with the help of the quadruple converter – another in-house development – and even DSD files up to DSD 512. The MP 2000/2500 R is therefore able to exploit every digital music format in order to deliver music to the amplifier in the highest possible quality. These multi-source players house a first-class CD mechanism (SACD compatible in the case of the MP2500R), a high-performance digital tuner offering FM, FM-HD and DAB+ reproduction, as well as a high-quality Bluetooth streaming module for receiving music from mobile devices. Then, to finish off this swiss army knife product, it includes a streaming client with Internet radio for connection to the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming, plus a digital connecting board with inputs for external sources (two USB device modes and four HD-S/P-DIF).

g2000 silber slider r serie 2


Contrary to all the predictions, vinyl has managed to sustain and even consolidate its right to exist over a period of several decades. Back in the 1990’s, when the medium was almost completely swamped by the CD, there were many who lamented its lost qualities; especially the almost tactile sound, with its subjectively warmer nature. In comparison with the CD there is no doubt that vinyl is impractical and space-consuming, but precisely for this reason it had something which the new media lacked: a distinctive character. The old R-series G 1260 R turntable was a very successful design. True to the heritage, T+A have carried out further development work on this product and have introduced a number of improvements. The unit now joins the new R-series as a means of reproducing high-quality analogue sound media capable of setting standards with its sound quality and its unique design features.



PA 3000 HV - PA3100HV

PA 3000/3100 HV are audiophile High-End integrated amplifiers packed full of unique, newly developed technological features. The measured values, specifications and power generated by these machines represent the limit of what is physically possible. The components and materials employed are of first-class quality, without compromise, and the workmanship of the case sets new standards unequalled even by far more expensive equipment.

mp 3100 950

MP 3000 HV - MP3100HV

MP 3000 HV incorporates further refinements of T+A’s most renowned components, developed without compromise. It is one of the finest and most refined players they have every built and features complete symmetry of channel separation in its construction. At its core is the new quadruple digital-to-analogue converter, whose origins can be traced back to the High-End V-series and R-series CD-SACD players. It processes the signals from the jitter reduction stage, whose own design philosophy is totally unique, and receives data from the high-quality pushrod-operated CD mechanism. 
MP3100HV, introduced late 2017 benefits from the latest technology, leading to improved functionality (such as SACD compatability) and even better sound!


PDP 3000 HV

PDP 3000 HV is the latest player in the HV series and has been developed specifically to reproduce high-resolution audio data without any trace of compromise. For this reason the unit has been equipped with a uniquely superior disc mechanism which reads CD and SACD media perfectly and transfers the data to its superb PCM and DSD converters. Since this unique converter concept is ideal for use with external sources, they have also designed the PDP 3000 HV to operate as a DAC, featuring seven digital inputs!

P 3000 – A3000 – PS 3000 HV

P 3000 HV

is the audiophile High-End pre-amplifier of the series and represents the universal control centre for the individual new HV machines. It is equipped with unique, newly developed technologies and innovative circuit designs. Its measured results, specification and sound quality represent the limit of what is physically feasible. The components and materials employed are uniformly of top quality, without any hint of compromise and the workmanship of the case sets standards, unmatched even by far more expensive products.

a3000 titanium950

A 3000 HV

is the ideal power amplifier and complement to the P 3000 HVpre-amplifier. It is designed as a stereo power amplifier, but can also be configured to work in mono mode. In which guise it is capable of delivering twice the current - which it then doubles in to pure Class-A mode. Thanks to HV technology, this powerhouse offers superb sound characteristics as well as incredible power and performance: a standard which is unsurpassed even by far more expensive amplifiers.

PS 3000 HV

is a supplementary mains unit which was developed specifically for the A 3000 HV power amplifier. The A 3000 HV delivers more than 500 Watts of power into 4 Ohms, and as such a high level of sound quality and performance is achieved. It was discovered that simply increasing the output power of an amplifier - and with it the voltage - produced no significant improvement in sound quality but improvement of the overall power-supply feeding the power-amplifier garnered far greater results.

Actually we’re scientists …

… because T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology.

That means that we conceive, refine and manufacture Hi-Fi com-ponents of the very highest quality, with the aim of developing consummate High-End products for our customers all over the world. Since 1978 our enterprise has been based at Herford in East-ern Westphalia, and this is the focal point of all our thoughts and actions. When considering our products we set ourselves no limits, and spare neither cost nor effort in order to achieve perfec-tion in sound. The results speak for themselves in our products: extremely long product cycles, extended lifespans and a wide range of retro-fit options make a T+A system a sound investment for the future.

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