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CAD 1543
CAD 1543

Computer Audio Design

DAC 1543

The CAD 1543 DAC, a USB DAC designed for high-resolution music.

Brand: Computer Audio Design
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The CAD 1543 DAC, a USB DAC designed for high-resolution music.

Aimed at computer music listeners, the DAC aims to deliver the best possible results from hi-res music files.

Designed by Scott Berry, a self-confessed "vinyl junkie" with a career in electrical engineering in the US, the CAD 1543 DAC has extensive internal isolation, power supplies with dedicated mains conditioning and visco-elastic polymer feet for superior damping. The devil's in the detail.

Modular in design, the Computer Audio Design USB DAC allows for future upgrades and updates to be added over time.

Computer Audio Design

Computer Audio Design does one thing and does it well they produce DACs that are hand-built from the ground up and designed from a standpoint of working well with a computer. If you’re looking to get the most out of your digital music collection then you’re going to need a DAC which is up to the task, and that’s where Computer Audio Design can help. Founded by Scott Berry, the CAD DAC is aimed solely at computer music listeners who are looking to get the best from their systems. 

The CAD DAC takes a focused approach in that it only has one USB input as well as a single set of unbalanced RCA outputs in order to create as few components in the signal path as possible. As well as being designed for high-resolution digital music the CAD DAC features a modular design which allows for future upgrades and updates to help futureproof it. 

If you’re looking to get the best sound from computer audio sources then the CAD DAC is the automatic choice for you. View their latest DAC below and to find out more get in touch with our knowledgeable team today on 01865 790 879.